The Energie AG PowerTower

The new Energie AG group headquarters in Linz

GIG Closed Cavity Facade (CCF) is the first passive house facade to be suitable for high-rise buildings, executed as Low Energy Double Skin Facade. The related system has been developed and patented exclusively by GIG and consists of a passive house standard element facade with controlled facade cavity. Particularly outstanding is the overall U-value of 0.60W/m²K and the 638 m² photovoltaic area.

In addition to its overall architectural design, the new Energie AG group headquarters has aroused great interest due to its use of the world’s first passive house facade for a high-rise building as this makes heating in the offices unnecessary. Sun protection is provided between the glass panes by a light deflection effect and this new type of lamella system, ensures that light illuminates the entire room. At the same time, overheating caused by the sun is prevented without obstructing the view from the window.

Linz, AT
Green Building & CCF
Energie AG PowerTower ErrichtungsGmbH
Weber+Hofer, Kaufmann & Partner
ÖGNI-Goldmedaille 2010, 3. Preis des Emilio Ambasz Award - Project of the Year for Green Architecture 2010